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The Minimalists: How To Start A Successful Blog Today

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You should begin writing your blog as soon as you can. Your blog can be up and running in a period of less than one hour. Some of the famous blogs that you know of followed the same process that you are about to read here in order for them to create blogs that have huge following and client base. Some of these blogs are New York Times, the Today, and TIME magazine. No one had a clue on where to start, but they all began and they are where they are today since they never gave up irrespective of the pressure faced. Learn from the pains that the successful blogs.


  1. Domain and hosting: Ensure that your domain is registered. Blue host does the registration of your domain in a very easy way and even the Word Press page. The monthly pay that you will pay to Blue host is roughly $3, and this works for almost everyone that uses this site. You will have the live chat platform that enables you to sort out any challenge that you might be having.
  2. Theme:Choose a good theme for your blog page and ensure that is enticing enough for your readers. Make sure that the design of your blog is designed in the way you want it to be.A proper design gives your readers the impression that you are serious and it makes it easier for your readers to browse through the site. Moreover, if you choose to acquire a theme, let it not be expensive for you. Just use little money to buy a theme if you have to. If your site is children oriented, have a theme that is interesting enough to children.
  3. Adjust the blog that you have: Once you develop the theme, hosting, Word Press, and domain develop your theme so that you may feel wanted by the people who read your blog.


  1. Plug-ins:Do not overuse plug-ins in your site. Use only the enough plug-ins that will ensure that your site can be accessed easily by the visitors to your site. The visitors to your site should not have a hectic time accessing your site. The process of setting up a plug-in should not be hectic otherwise you will be frustrated and leave the site before giving your site the publicity that you need.
  2. Ensure that your content is compelling enough: The content that you develop should not be the norm of everyone. You should ensure that the content you develop is done in a professional way that will pull your audience to your site. Let them confess that your site has the content that they need. It should not be a layman’s site; it should be a professional site that is admirable by everyone who visits the site regardless of age. Your site should be compelling enough in such a manner that even kids can be glued to the screen to read your blogs.
Hi there! In the event that you already are a blogger or are planning to become one then believe me, it is never too late. The only thing necessary for a blogger is to be unique. For as long as you are unique you are going to do well in every field but the point

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