TikTok 101 Guide: How To Kickstart Your Business Marketing?

TikTok 101 Guide How To Kickstart Your Business Marketing

In recent times, everyone who stays connected with the internet will know about the TikTok app. The social media video-sharing platform became popular after reaching a record of 315 million downloads in January 2020. The success rate of TikTok pulls the attention of brands and marketers’ opinions to invest their time and money on the platform. However, the platform is comparatively new among the social media platforms, where you may not know where to start. Don’t worry about it; this article explains how marketers should market their brands to kickstart TikTok. Also, we will summarize the app’s user statistics and popular marketing methods your brand can follow to make effective TikTok marketing campaigns.

Preview About TikTok & Why Everyone Excited About TikTok?

TikTok works as a user-generated video-sharing platform; it has a video range of 15-seconds or shorter than that to post. The TikTok platform is the global style of the app, which debuted in China in 2016. After the success of the TikTok app in China, the owners released it on the international market in September 2017 as TikTok.

Moreover, TikTok’s excelling performance accelerated its popularity during the pandemic times in the early 2020s. As a result, it has created a little bit of buzz on the internet. Younger people, particularly Gen Z, use TikTok for everything from quarantine lockdowns to lip-syncing videos. Yet, the young users work for people and establish themselves among the marketers and advertisers. If you want to skyrocket your fame on the TikTok platform, then start to use TikViral that helps to gain visibility and helps to stand out among users and brands. Here, we will discuss different factors to make TikTok popular:

Short-Form Post

TikTok videos are so short which generally have 15-seconds video posts. It is perfect for delivering videos and images that excite with wow factor. Marketers, mainly those interested in video production, should also focus on increasing short-form video consumption during pandemic times. Indeed, Gen Z increases their consumption by 67%, and millennials with 51%

Make A Unique Content

TikTok has several users and videos on the platform as there is a wide range of video content. Everyone who scrolls through the TikTok app can expect a random post. If your brand experiments with the new content on TikTok, then make sure to focus on the app. So, try to become familiar with innovative content, authenticity, and uniqueness that controls the audience. Indeed, TikTok is unique from every other social media platform as it doesn’t consider itself a social media platform because of its entertainment and connection. Marketers should tweak creative-based content that may not gain much more than the traditional platforms. Don’t overthink much beyond the funny and engaging content.

Global Reach

Now, TikTok records more than two billion people’s downloads on the platform; it has more reach as a social media platform. It is visible and by far the largest for Gen Z audiences. But the TikTok’s reach is not restrained within a country or even one region because of the global reach. Use some practical methods for marketers to simultaneously reach people in different countries like Asia, Europe, and North America. The creative manner of recording TikTok videos and narrating stories makes your visual attraction among the audiences. Instagram and other social media platforms offer similar chances, yet TikTok’s unique capabilities and popularity make productivity for marketers in several industries.

How Do TikTok Perfect For Business Marketing?

Meanwhile, business brands try to sort down what to make on the app, the effect of TikTok to support sales is undeniable. Based on the study shared during the latest TikTok #ForYouSummit. 67% of TikTok users agree that the platform motivates them to shop even when they are not looking to do so, and on top of that, four out five Gen Z TikTok users influence their parents to purchase a product they check out on TikTok. Here, the #TikTokMadeMyBuyIt gains more than 1.6 billion views from the platform.

Best Tricks On TikTok Marketing Methods For Brands

Today, businesses and brands set up TikTok as the best marketing channel, mainly focusing on Gen Z audiences. But do you know how brands and companies take advantage of TikTok right now!

Brand-Generated Content & Hashtag Challenges

Brands can make their customized TikTok channels by posting content and use the content to communicate with audiences and increase the audiences. Meanwhile, working on a popular content creation method is TikTok’s hashtag challenge. It involves creating and naming a challenge by sharing on TikTok. If you want to enhance your profile’s visibility, start to buy TikTok views that instantly increase followers. It lets other users simply recognize the video by increasing the engagement rate for the TikTok hashtag challenge gains.

TikTok’s advertising potential lets you complete branded hashtag campaigns. For example, Colgate started the #MakeMomSmile challenge motivated the users to record themselves by making their mom smile during the Mother’s Day celebration. Videos use the TikTok hashtag that gains views by 4.5 billion times. The restriction to this approach for this TikTok campaign was low and opened up the door for creativity. Brands can take part in a simple hashtag challenge for organic video too.

Different Paid Advertising

Are you trying to boost your business promotion on TikTok? If yes, start to work with TikViral that grabs the audience’s attention by following several TikTok sponsored advertising methods. Meanwhile, the influencer marketing and hashtag challenge are famous ad preferences for brands; TikTok gives other advertising products, including:

In-Feed Ads: On TikTok, the native video ads range between 9 to 15 seconds longer, which displays in between the videos on the feed.

Top View Ads: It is a video advertising format that displays the user on opening the platform. The ad takes up the complete screen and lets up within 60-seconds of the TikTok video.

Brand Takeover: The ads display in the form of images or videos that shows in a user’s feed before any UGC. Only one brand takeover displays in every category within a day.

Branded Effects: TikTok lets advertisers make video filters using branded effects like Snapchat’s branded lenses. These branded filters are then present for the users within ten days.

Final Thoughts

TikTok can be an ideal platform for marketing; it works specifically for focusing on a younger audience if you plan that the TikTok platform serves right for your brand by including it on your ongoing social media methods. By teaming with powerful tactics for every social media platform. TikTok marketing support to improve your brand’s social media presence and online community.