How To Sell Products On TikTok To Promote Your Online Store?

How To Sell Products On TikTok To Promote Your Online Store

Today, TikTok records more than 100 million active monthly users with an average daily view count of 68 minutes in the US demographics. So, TikTok is a good place where you should start to advertise your business right now. From the TikTok features, if you want to drive better TikTok profile engagement, begin to post appealing TikTok posts. You can even start to gain organic traffic when you buy TikTok likes that enhance your profile visibility. So, now is the high time to sell your products on TikTok by promoting your online store.

Fun Fact: After the announcement of the TikTok association with Shopify to start an in-built app shopping feature. Every brand begins to establish its business on TikTok.

Let us see how to sell your products on TikTok using this comprehensive guide below.

Select The Right Products

Now, selling your products on TikTok begins with understanding the medium, its TikTok users, and which services sell well.

Research On Your Potential Market

Before starting a TikTok account, you should determine if your potential customers are using it. Based on March 2021, teens comprise a quarter of the US TikTok user base. Meanwhile, people between 20 and 29 are at 22.4%. Suppose your market targets millennials and Gen Zers, then TikTok works as the suitable platform for you to invest in your product’s marketing. TikTok is an effective platform where you can promote your brand awareness and associate with vast potential audiences.

Know Which Products Sell

Now, TikTok doesn’t offer a list of possible sellable products, but it also lists prohibited items. So, take a quick look at the viral videos where you can show an idea of what product types are the perfect fit for the TikTok platforms. Also, you can take a look at TikTok’s successful brand case studies and research the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt hashtags for the best ideas.

Now, TikTok Shopping works within the selected countries like the UK and US; it may sometimes not be a better choice for your market beyond your areas. If you still like to explore adding social media platforms as sales platforms, try selling on Instagram or Facebook.

Switch Your TikTok To Business Or Pro Account

When you create a TikTok account, you can automatically tag it as a personal account. Next, you should switch to a TikTok business account. Apart from this, you can sell your products by changing the business account, which enables you to access the following criteria:

Performance & Audience Data: Get insights into what your TikTok audiences like regarding content.

Business Content Guide: Suggest everything from selecting video niche to picking soundtracks.

Video Showcase: A carousel of popular content from businesses and TikTok content creators.

Commercial Music Library: A TikTok library of 150K+ pre-cleared, royalty-free soundtracks that you should use for advertising purposes.

Web Business Suite:

  • Download analytic data.
  • Check content creation tricks from the Business Creative Hub.
  • Access TikTok for Business insights.

Try To Create Engaging TikTok Content

It is the best time to start a creative content strategy to promote your products. The best method to make engaging TikTok content is to create exciting content that motivates followers and advertises your brand awareness. At first, TikTok content creation may look impressive, but looking at the Discovery tab in your app or scrolling through the For You section can assist. Also, you can try popular trends, look at what’s trending, and research keywords relevant to your brand or business. Below, check out the exciting ideas for your content creation on TikTok.

  • Make your brand’s hashtag challenge and motivate users to join in. Make the hashtag memorable and straightforward.
  • Use viral music to make TikTok videos.
  • Share a tutorial or educational videos and make sure to engage in video format.
  • Associate for the special events or trending occasions.
  • Conduct a contest.
  • The primary target in creating TikTok content is to drive several user-generated content. It boosts brand awareness that directs trust and then generates sales growth.


Still, TikTok is an evolving platform, and their in-app shopping experience is comparatively brand new. Yet, entering into TikTok to advertise your online store should be a significant part of your retail marketing approaches. Hence, it is a social media platform that every business must start their process, particularly with quick user-generated content users. For instance, if you have an online store like Shopify, it is simple to connect, sync, and promote your products in TikTok.